Opportunities at Burlington Associates Limited


Burlington is committed to having people in the business that are valuable and feel valued in return. Our culture allows us to involve all staff members in shaping the way the business moves forward by involving them in discussions to do with their remit or experience. We have developed a unique client proposition following consultation with our clients, experience and observing market demands. All of this, of course, takes place under the guidance and control of the Directors of the business.

Opportunities as a Financial Planner / Adviser at Burlington Associates Limited

The aim of Burlington Associates is to give those advisers a valued home within a stable working environment in which to grow not only themselves but their business. We believe it is important that we have clear, deliverable client propositions that are focused on the needs and outcomes for the clients and at the same time take into consideration the needs of our advisers. We are experienced in assisting Financial Advisers to become Financial Planners, if they so wish, without a long term detrimental effect on productivity. We feel we offer a great platform for advisers/planners who do not want the distraction of big company politics or attempting to run / operate their own regulated business.

We strive to provide an empathetic work place in which you can take your business to a higher level for both you and your client’s benefit.

We will support you in helping you grow into new markets or client types. We truly believe good compliance systems and controls results in good outcomes for clients. Our compliance processes are not designed to be burdensome but are designed to allow you to conduct compliant business in a professional environment and as such meeting the needs/expectations of your clients.

Advisers at Burlington Associates enjoy a close working relationship with the business owners and all other staff and can rely on the benefit of years of experience available within the firm. The sharing of ideas and the ability to discuss any area of business has been a vital constituent in the development of the business and our propositions.

We firmly believe that irrespective of what changes lay ahead in terms of technology or regulation the need for face to face advice, for the type of clients we work with, will never diminish. In the future advisers and clients will flourish in an environment where change is recognised but the bedrock of Financial Planning/advice will remain steadfast.

It is difficult to convey all the virtues and benefits of Burlington to you as an adviser but if this challenge appeals to you then please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form on this page, e-mail: or call 020 7329 7500.

Other Opportunities at Burlington Associates Limited

Other roles we are hiring for on a general basis are:

Retiring Advisers

We believe we have a solution to meet the needs of those leaving Financial services and still wanting to have some worth in the hard work they have put in to date. There are a range of options and we are happy to discuss these with you on 020 7329 7500.

Client Support Services

Having quality administrative staff and staff supporting our Advisers has been a large part of the efficiency Burlington can demonstrate to date. If you feel you could bring or add some value to what we do or would like to work in an environment as described please get in touch and send your CV to or alternatively please call us on 020 7329 7500.

Student Placements

Over the years we have taken on a number of students and graduates to assist us with specific projects or tasks. These individuals have spanned from family members of clients and staff to general acquaintances of the aforementioned as well as those that have made direct enquiries to us. We are keen to always encourage high calibre individuals to talk to us and see if we can help them and of course help us at the same time. If you feel this may be you please get in touch and send your CV to .