Why use Burlington Associates Limited (Burlington)?

Burlington are a Professional firm of City based Independent Financial Adviser’s (IFAs) / Planners who have built a good reputation working with clients in professions typically those of the Legal, Finance & Medical/Dental persuasion as well as Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) and their proprietors (typically 5 – 250 Staff).

Having formulated and continually refined our client proposition to meet the needs of our personal and corporate clients, we feel well suited to advise clients with all levels of understanding spanning those with little or no appreciation for financial matters to those classed as investment professionals.

Our ethos is one of working with personal clients to help them achieve their financial goals and objectives via our Financial Planning Service. With Corporate clients we are conscious of the need to retain, motivate and incentivise staff at all levels, including proprietors, and as such have services aligned with this.

With well qualified, experienced, friendly and approachable Advisers and staff you will find your experience of dealing with Burlington refreshing compared to a product led, direct sales force mentality adopted by many in our market place.

What is the difference between Financial Advice and Financial Planning?

Financial advice answers your questions today and is often related to a sale of a product in isolation from other elements of your financial situation. Financial planning looks not only at today but tomorrow as well and plans for your aspirations and helps you set out a road map. It works on the basis of understanding what you have today before making a recommendation on what is needed for the future. It is underpinned by the need to revisit your financial arrangements and decisions on at least an annual basis to ensure they are still appropriate. As such we have our On-Going Review Service to provide this. We use sophisticated financial planning software that we either subscribe to, or have designed ourselves in order to create holistic strategies for our clients. The end result of financial planning is to receive financial advice but in a coordinated fashion as opposed to isolation, which is the traditional case.

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* Financial planning, for those that are new to it, is the process of assessing ones overall needs rather than just an individual Financial need. An analogy to illustrate this is that whilst we may visit a medical professional and provide them a steer on what we feel needs addressing it is their role to assess what the overall situation is before making a recommendation on the identified area or problem. The logic in this is there is no reason for them to address the sore wrist that has been brought to their attention, if the patient displays symptoms of a more serious heart related condition (for example). Very much in the manner that a medical professional would ascertain a patients general health before homing in on their identified priority i.e. a sore wrist, it is the financial planners role to identify your overall general financial well-being prior to addressing your specific concerns – the latter is overlaid by their own identified areas of concern based on their professional opinion, knowledge and experience.

Therefore any advice you receive takes into account other areas of your financial well-being which may be predicated or impacted by the advice you feel you require. These fee based services looks at what you have acquired to date and takes account of your existing arrangements with assumptions agreed with you on inflation and growth on various parts of your financial arrangements to see what is the likely outcome for you. A proposed strategy is then provided as a working document which is revised on an on-going basis, normally annually, in conjunction with our review service. This provides you with strategic financial advice which encompasses your overall financial position and the impact of decisions on each other and as such, the opportunity cost based on your priorities. It is difficult to convey this in a few brief paragraphs so we offer a no-obligation meeting in order to discuss the service with you in more detail.

(Please click here for a sample of our Foundation Financial Plan and here for our Comprehensive Financial Plan which includes a Current Position and Proposed Strategy Report).

How much does it cost / How are Burlington Remunerated?

Our preference is to work on a Fee basis as opposed to commission, even where it is available (non-investment contracts). We have a fixed fee basis for Financial Planning and projects or specified jobs. We believe our range of remuneration options will suit most clients and our rates of work are competitive with market rates.

Our On-Going Review Service which sets up our long term working relationship with clients has minimum amounts and any on-going income we are likely to receive from your existing and proposed financial arrangements will be taken into consideration (offset) against the minimum charge payable for our On-Going charges.

We provide Client Agreements which span across our Financial Advisory and Mortgage Arms. Please click on the respective word to download these documents. Further information on our services can be obtained from your Financial Planner/Adviser at a no obligation meeting.

We believe in clear terms of engagement and remuneration so if this sounds complicated – we apologise, it is not designed to be but your Financial Planner/Adviser will be happy to discuss this in more detail at a no -obligation meeting.

This sounds complicated and expensive!

On the contrary, we try to de-mystify the process. Clients set the parameters and assumptions (with guidance from us) so that things like target dates and levels of capital and income required at specific times of life, assumptions for investment returns, inflation and any number of other variables are taken into account. These are factored into the calculations we undertake on our client’s behalf. We then go through the results, with the client, to ensure that they are in a position to make informed choices with the overlay of professional advice.

How can I schedule a no-obligation meeting?

We have found that having a meeting to introduce you to Burlington and our client services is the best way to deal with any questions or concerns you may have. As such we offer a no-obligation initial meeting at our offices or yours.

To arrange such a meeting Phone 020 7329 7500 or complete our contact form on the right. We guarantee to return your call/ respond to your request within one working day.

What happens in the future or if things change for me?

If you subscribe to or qualify for one of our On-Going Review Services then Burlington will be here to support you through any changes in your finances/circumstances. If you do not subscribe, or qualify for, a On-Going Review Service then each job of work is charged individually based upon our published scale of charges.

Personal clients who have purchased a Financial Plan will generally require a Review service that includes an annual update of the Plan during which process changes can be incorporated into the Plan and carried forward to the following year. For those personal clients who have not purchased a Financial plan, any changes to their circumstances would need to be discussed with their adviser at their annual Review meeting and the impact assessed at that time.

Corporate client Retainer costs generally relate to the level of involvement required, the number of financial arrangements under our remit and the size of the staff complement looked after.

Your Financial Planner/Adviser will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you at your no obligation initial meeting.

What do Burlington clients have to say about the company / service?

We rely on our existing clients that are satisfied with our service to provide us with other likeminded individuals that they feel may also benefit from our services. We are often told about how the services we offer are very apt and comprehensive and how the Financial Planning cornerstone is a unique part of our personal proposition and hence a positive differentiator.

We would invite you to read our Testimonials Page and given our wide reach into many of the well-known firms in the legal and finance profession it is very likely we can provide you with a reference from an existing client that works in your organisation or in a very similar role.

What do I do if I have a problem or question about Burlington?

At Burlington we would like to think we are very approachable and are happy to discuss any of your requirements by phone or at the introductory meetings mentioned above.

We pride ourselves in having professional people (Advisers and Support Staff) working within the organisation that can assist you with your queries so please do call us on 020 7329 7500, E-mail: or if you feel spirited enough to, call in on us at our Cheapside Office.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the service at Burlington you can speak to one of our Senior Management team. They are mentioned in the About section of this website or complete the contact form provided on this page.

Who is Burlington regulated by?

Burlington Associates Limited is directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who periodically review the advice given by the advisers and the systems and controls employed by the management to ensure clients are treated fairly in their dealings with the company and that they are being provided suitable advice.

Details of our registration can be found using the following link: http://www.fca.org.uk/register Our registration number being 439731.