Why Burlington?

About Us:

Burlington Associates Limited is a firm of Financial Planners / Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) located in the heart of the Square Mile just off Cheapside, London. Burlington was set up in 2003 by a number of likeminded individuals that worked within the same Financial Services company for some years previously.

What We Do:

Over the years Burlington has established a notable reputation for professional, personal and corporate advice. Being truly independent, we are able to provide recommendations from the whole of the market. More importantly, we offer what we feel is a unique approach to advising individuals on their financial affairs as the cornerstone of our personal advice service. This is known as Life Time Cash Flow Planning, sometimes referred to as Holistic Financial Planning and is distinct from the traditional way of providing financial advice which may be referred to as a Transactional model. (For those who want to know the difference between Financial Planning and Financial Advice click here)

* Financial planning, for those that are new to it, is the process of assessing ones overall needs rather than just an individual Financial need. An analogy to illustrate this is that whilst we may visit a medical professional and provide them a steer on what we feel needs addressing it is their role to assess what the overall situation is before making a recommendation on the identified area or problem. The logic in this is there is no reason for them to address the sore wrist that has been brought to their attention, if the patient displays symptoms of a more serious heart related condition (for example). Very much in the manner that a medical professional would ascertain a patients general health before homing in on their identified priority i.e. a sore wrist, it is the financial planners role to identify your overall general financial well-being prior to addressing your specific concerns – the latter is overlaid by their own identified areas of concern based on their professional opinion, knowledge and experience.

Therefore any advice you receive takes into account other areas of your financial well-being which may be predicated or impacted by the advice you feel you require. These fee based services looks at what you have acquired to date and takes account of your existing arrangements with assumptions agreed with you on inflation and growth on various parts of your financial arrangements to see what is the likely outcome for you. A proposed strategy is then provided as a working document which is revised on an on-going basis, normally annually, in conjunction with our review service. This provides you with strategic financial advice which encompasses your overall financial position and the impact of decisions on each other and as such, the opportunity cost based on your priorities. It is difficult to convey this in a few brief paragraphs so we offer a no-obligation meeting in order to discuss the service with you in more detail.

As such we regard ourselves as Fee-Based Financial Planners and are a service led organisation.

(Please click here for a sample of our Foundation Financial Plan and here for our Comprehensive Financial Plan which includes a Current Position and Proposed Strategy Report).

Our Clients:

Our main stay of clients remains Partners in the Magic / Silver Circle of Legal firms and Investment Banking / Finance Professionals. We also profess expertise with Medical and Dental professionals, particularly those in private practice. From a Corporate perspective we deal with Owner managed businesses and advice relating to Employee Benefit provision in the Small & Medium size Enterprises (SME) arena. We appreciate that the needs of each client can differ vastly and we are confident we can (and continue to) meet the expectations of the inexperienced to discerning investment/finance professionals; subsequently our advice is tailor-made to each situation and led by you the client. As such, the advice is tailor made to each situation and led by you the client whether the appropriate strategy is one of wealth creation or of wealth preservation.

Our Staff:

The experience in Financial Services of the individual advisers ranges from ten to thirty years. The company ethos is to work as a partnership and ensure that each client receives advice from the most appropriate member of the team. As such we have specific areas the advisers like to advise on or specialise in, often backed up by a further relevant qualification. Each client is also provided with dedicated contact points, apart from their adviser, to ensure that their needs are met in an expedient fashion. Our efficient and experienced support staff are professional, friendly and focused on ensuring a professional service is maintained at all times.

Our reputation for quality is achieved by a comprehensive yet clear and transparent service proposition, continuous education, excellent service standards and the use of the latest relevant technology to assist the process. We believe it is important to do what we do well and not to get involved in areas that are outside our remit or would dilute our expertise. As such we have established, over the years, some excellent relationships with other professional third parties to help meet the diverse needs of our clients.